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Posted by Carol on 11.09.10

As seen on a recent Today Show segment, public areas like restrooms, gym showers and even airplanes are some of the germiest areas where we could pick up bacteria and viruses that could make us sick.

As far as public restrooms, the segment mentions that toilet seats are actually not the most like...

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It seems as though everything you touch from doorknobs to hand rails are loaded with bacteria, germs and viruses.

In a recent article posted on, there are some simple ways to help protect yourself and your family from catching colds and flu this winter season.

During the fall an...

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Posted by Carol on 11.04.10

In a recent article written by the Children's Hospital in Boston, there is no doubt that reusable grocery bags are great for the environment with less plastic and paper wasted.  However, you might be surprised to find out just how sick they can make you and your family.

They discuss how the recent...

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Posted by Carol on 10.26.10

In a blog posted on, it was stated that in a recent study, doctors have found that MRSA(Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus) can be transmitted from your pet to you, and back again.

By your pet using the litter box or backyard, you are constantly being exposed to some dangerous, ...

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In a 2009 article written by the Pest Management Professionals, they referred to a recent recall of contaminated peanuts due to Salmonella.  The article states that every year 1.4 million recalls are made due to this bacteria causing illness, nationwide.

Leonard Douglen, executive director of the...

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Posted by Carol on 10.22.10

A recent study done by the University of Arizona revealed 73% of shopping carts sampled tested positive for coliform (originating in feces and associated with poor sanitary conditions), which can cause disease in immuno-compromised individuals, the young or elderly. When comparing contamination leve...

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Posted by Carol on 10.18.10

According to an article written in Oct.2010 in the Daily Finance, hospitals have become very dangerous places to spend time.  Even if surgery is successful, we need to think about the superbugs transmitted that can cause serious illnesses or possible death.

By definition, superbugs are antibiotic ...

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As seen on Dr. Oz, germs are hiding everywhere!  What do we do to help prevent bacteria and germ causing illnesses? 

Check out what's on the bottom of your purse!

Our purses and bags come in contact with millions of bacteria and germs from bathroom floors, restaurant floors, automobile floors, ...

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Germs are everywhere! How can we avoid getting an illness or disease?  Here are some important tips and information from WRC's Doreen Gentlzer, as seen on the NBC News Channel, on the life of germs, and where they live.

According to Ms. Gentzler, any surface where there is a lot of human traffi...

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In a recent L.A. study, 1 in 7 homes would fail as sanitary conditions. Although the test was not considered scientifically thorough, if conducted under a controlled test, even a lesser number of homes would pass.

As seen on the Today Show, Philip Tierno, professor or Microbiology and Pathology ...

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We know working out is good for us.  But, most people don't realize that there are many health risks involved in going to the gym.  As reported on the Today Show by Dr. Susan Taylor, Dermotologist, you can contract bacterial, fungal, and viral infections from direct contact with other people or...

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According to an article in REUTERS the World Health Association advises that the Swine Flu pandemic, although not as intense as it had previously been, is definitely not over yet.  The WHO Emergency Committee recommends that it is critical for countries to remain vigilant in including necessary ...

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