PRLog (Press Release) – Dec 02, 2008


A note from one of our many satisfied customers . . .

"We went back to my parent's house today and I really notice a difference! The house smells a whole lot cleaner. The musty smell in the basement is almost gone. I especially noticed a change when we opened the garage and the front door and when we went in the basement."
"My realtor wanted to know all about you so I gave her your contact information."
"I can't thank you enough."
Susen E.   NJ

We know working out is good for us.  But, most people don't realize that there are many health risks involved in going to the gym.  As reported on the Today Show by Dr. Susan Taylor, Dermotologist, you can contract bacterial, fungal, and viral infections from direct contact with other people or just using the equipment and mats.  Staph, strep, impetago, MRSA, and athlete's foot are just a few.  She also states that you can even get Herpes by touching a piece of equipment that's been infected by the previous user!  There are some important precautionary measures we can each take.

Dr. Taylor suggests we use anti-bacterial wipes before we use the equipment and the mats, and after we get off them, keeping the next person in mind.  She also advises to wear shower shoes to protect your feet from athlete's foot, and always keep your socks and sneakers on. Showering right away after working out can prevent these infections from taking root.  It is also very important to bring your own soap to the gym.

Dr. Taylor also speaks about a viral infection called 'molluscum contagiosum' which is extremely contagious and spread through either contact with another person or an inanimate object. This is where the anti-bacterial wipes come into play!

Taking these measures will help give you peace of mind and you can fully enjoy your workout in good health.