PRLog (Press Release) – Dec 02, 2008


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Susen E.   NJ

Germs are everywhere! How can we avoid getting an illness or disease?  Here are some important tips and information from WRC's Doreen Gentlzer, as seen on the NBC News Channel, on the life of germs, and where they live.

According to Ms. Gentzler, any surface where there is a lot of human traffic will harbour many germs.  She also pointed out that germs stick on hard surfaces such as doorknobs, tables, subway poles, railings, gym equipment, elevator buttons, etc. and will live from a few hours for up to 2 days. The next person comes along and touches that surface, and then touches their eyes, nose or mouth.  Scientists point out that flu viruses like to live on non-porous surfaces such as plastic, metal, wood, and die out more quickly on porous surfaces.

Some suggestions to avoid diseases are to wash your hands frequently, and when sneezing or coughing, don't sneeze into palms, sneeze onto your elbow to avoid spreading germs.

Of course, some of our personal recommendations aside from the tips given here, would be to use a hand sanitizer that does not contain alcohol and is non-toxic and eco friendly. And, when cleaning your home or office, utilize a safe, non-toxic, earth friendly disinfectant on those surfaces that do have the most contact, such as the doorknobs, toilet handles, light switches, etc.