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Posted by Carol on 10.26.10

In a blog posted on, it was stated that in a recent study, doctors have found that MRSA(Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus) can be transmitted from your pet to you, and back again.

By your pet using the litter box or backyard, you are constantly being exposed to some dangerous, illness causing bacteria, such as the superbug MRSA.

The article goes on to explain what MRSA is and how dangerous it can be. It's a staph infection which is resistant to most antibiotics, so it can be fatal.  Anyone with a weakened immune system can get MRSA, however, it is frequently found in nursing homes and hospital settings.  According to the Mayo Clinic, MRSA symptoms include red bumps or deep abscesses on the skin.  However it is not limited to the skin, it can also settle into your heart, joints and bones, etc.

In a study done by the Ohio State University, researchers had found that 5.7% of dogs in their veterinary hospital carried MRSA.

The advice given here to help protect you and your family from the superbug was to make sure everyone washes their hands after touching your pet. And, if you have wounds on your hands, always cover them up with bandages before petting your cat or dog.  If you develop an infected wound seek medical attention immediately and ask to be tested for MRSA. Be sure that the wound is tested before starting an antibiotic regimen, since MRSA is antibiotic-resistant.

Adding these preventitive measures will lessen the likelyhood of contracting the superbug MRSA from your pet. Remember to keep in mind that your pet is more likely to come in contact with MRSA because of their exposure to more bacteria.

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A Note From This Author

Here at Smart Touch Sanitizing(TM), our primary concern is to help create a healthier indoor environment, keeping in mind the safety of the disinfectant for the environment, people and animals.

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