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Posted by Carol on 10.22.10

A recent study done by the University of Arizona revealed 73% of shopping carts sampled tested positive for coliform (originating in feces and associated with poor sanitary conditions), which can cause disease in immuno-compromised individuals, the young or elderly. When comparing contamination levels in public facilities, shopping cart contamination levels far exceed those of public restrooms.

During their research they had tested many types of public surfaces and found that shopping carts were contaminated with more fecal matter, saliva and bacteria than escalators, public telephones and public bathrooms. The only other surfaces that had more bacteria and germs were playgrounds and bus rails.  Which puts shopping carts in the most germiest category.

Aside from transferring bacteria and germs from person to person or baby to baby, there is the raw meat exposure which triples the chance they may contract salmonellosis and quadruples it for campylobacteriosis, a diarrhea illness, said Olga Henao, an epidemiologist for the CDC.

Some states have implement a cart sanitization system that each cart gets pushed through and sprayed with the peroxide based disinfectant.  And other states are trying to implement shopping cart sanitizing as law. Some stores already provide disinfecting wipes, and although these things help, this might not provide a complete and thorough sanitization.  And these disinfectants that are being used have serious warnings on the labels, which includes being hazardous to humans!  Would you want your teething baby or toddler or even yourself being exposeed to that danger?

Not only can the disinfectants being utilized be hazardous to your health, but it is also very costly for the grocery chains.  The new push through grocery cart sanitizing system is costing supermarkets a leased price for $600 to $750 a month.

Here at Smart Touch Sanitizing(TM) , we pride ourselves on not only the safety and effectiveness of our system, but the cost-effectiveness, as well.

Our high performance, exclusive, earth friendly disinfecting product kills 99.999% of germs, bacteria, and viruses, which is 100 times more effective than other leading disinfectants that claim 99.9%. These include everything from the common cold to MRSA, e. coli, salmonella, and blood borne pathogens such as HIV, Hepatitis B and C, and many more.  It has been third party tested for efficacy, registered with EPA to be completely safe and non toxic to humans and animals (does not require a hazardous warning label), and it is NSF (National Sanitary Foundation) Certified to be safe on all food contact surfaces, and does not require rinsing or wiping.  Have you read the labels on the current disinfecting products you might be using now?

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