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"We went back to my parent's house today and I really notice a difference! The house smells a whole lot cleaner. The musty smell in the basement is almost gone. I especially noticed a change when we opened the garage and the front door and when we went in the basement."
"My realtor wanted to know all about you so I gave her your contact information."
"I can't thank you enough."
Susen E.   NJ

As seen on Dr. Oz, germs are hiding everywhere!  What do we do to help prevent bacteria and germ causing illnesses? 

Check out what's on the bottom of your purse!

Our purses and bags come in contact with millions of bacteria and germs from bathroom floors, restaurant floors, automobile floors, etc.  Where we go they go, too.  Usually we don't think twice about laying our bags down anywhere, and then putting them on our laps or laying them on the kitchen table or counter when we get home.  The germ and bacteria possibilities are endless, such as salmonella or even e coli! Yuck! That's a big no-no!  One solution is to purchase a purse hook and hang your bag, or just hang it on the back of a chair.  Whether your'e a germaphobe or just plain concerned about you and your family's health , it's just not sanitary or healthy. I always spray our non-toxic Smart Touch Disinfectant on the bottom of my purse, anyway, when I get home and then hang it on a door knob or chair.

In your make-up bag

As the article states, anytime we apply lipstick, mascara or any other cosmetics, any germs that may be on our hands can come in contact with the outside of the bag, and then find it's way into your make-up.  The recommendation was, of course, not to share cosmetics with anyone.  The other solution was to clean the outside of your makeup bag regularly.  This is when a good, non-toxic disinfectant comes in handy. 

The remote control and phones

How many people eat popcorn while changing the channel with their remote?  Well, if there are germs on your hands, guess what?  The germs and bacteria transfer to the popcorn and then to the remote, and on and on.  Or talk on the the phone and grab some finger food with the other hand?  More chances to spread illnesses and germs.  The article recommends to wash your hands or use a hand sanitizer before and after you pick up the remote, phone or snack.  While your at it, you can use a non-toxic disinfectant spray regularly to sanitize your phones and remotes, as well.

How about your computers and keyboards?

We use our computers, laptops and other electronic devices all the time.  Even if you are the only one who comes in contact with them, they could still be loaded with germs.  The recommendation is to wipe these devices, including the computer mouse, with a cleaning cloth. I would personally spray the cloth with a good sanitizer to kill the bacteria.

Spice racks

Think about it.  If your in the middle of preparing raw meat or chicken, and you go to grab the garlic powder.  Not a good thought.  Again, there is a chance of spreading salmonella, e coli, or who knows what from the raw meat, which can cause some dangerous illnesses.  Clean the spice jars regularly to avoid getting a serious potential illness.


Sponges have been known to be one of the germiest things.  The articles states that changing the sponge often and microwave for one minute to kill germs.  We would also recommend soaking them in a non-toxic disinfectant. Do not use sponges to wipe your counters, that will most definitely spread germs.  Use paper towels so they can be just thrown away, along with the bacteria.

Anything with a handle or switch

Look around your home and take note of how many handles, switches and door knobs me make contact with regularly.  The dishwasher, refrigerator, bathroom door, light switches, stair railings,etc. Clean these areas thoroughly and regularly with a good disinfectant to avoid the spread germs and illnesses.

The arms of chairs and furniture

Again, anything that your hands come in contact with such as chair arms should be cleaned regularly with a cloth and non toxic disinfectant.  Make sure the upholstery is colorfast to avoid damage.

Shoes and paws

When we walk outside, anywhere, with our shoes on, and then walk into the house, just think about all the germs and bacteria and illnesses you are carrying right into your home on your shoes!  How about your pets?  Their feet don't automatically repel germs.  They walk into the house, jump up on your lap or couch, and yuck, more bacteria and illnesses!  Get some comfortable house shoes, only to be worn inside.  And for the pets, clean their feet using a good non-toxic sanitizer that's safe for pets.

A personal note from this author

It seems almost impossible to avoid germs everywhere, all the time.  My best personal advice would be to at least keep your home and personal items as clean and germ free as possible.   Smart Touch Sanitizing will help take care of all of the above issues with a simple sanitizing/deodorizing application.  We use an earth friendly, non toxic disinfectant that is completely safe for pets and humans.  It is EPA registered and NSF certified to be safe on all food contact surfaces.  It's a quick, simple, affordable solution. Go to our 'Locate an Applicator' page and either enter your zip code or call or e-mail us.  Make an informative decision to help keep you and your family healthy.