PRLog (Press Release) – Dec 02, 2008


A note from one of our many satisfied customers . . .

"We went back to my parent's house today and I really notice a difference! The house smells a whole lot cleaner. The musty smell in the basement is almost gone. I especially noticed a change when we opened the garage and the front door and when we went in the basement."
"My realtor wanted to know all about you so I gave her your contact information."
"I can't thank you enough."
Susen E.   NJ

How SmartTouch Sanitizing® Systems Work


SmartTouch Sanitizing® Systems utilize an extremely fast, highly efficient spray system to apply various sanitizing and odor elimination products. Earth, people and pet friendly is our theme. "Cleaner than Meets the Eye" is our motto.   

How does the SmartTouch Sanitizing® System differ from typical sanitizing? Our system eliminates labor-intensive hand wiping and rinsing typically required with other methods.  Our system can sanitize locations such as daycare centers, classrooms, offices, gyms, locker rooms, hotel rooms, kitchens, cruise ships and entire homes against a multitude of germs, allergens, odors and indoor contaminants in a fraction of the time required using other application systems.

SmartShield XLC™,  our patented long-term antimicrobial surface protectant, is water-based, easy to apply and prevents the growth of odor and stain causing bacteria on all surfaces for 90 days.

Our safe eco-friendly products include exclusive spray systems and support.

As A Sanitizer

Unlike vapor steam sanitizing and disinfecting systems which cannot provide long term protection, SmartTouch Sanitizing® Systems products add an invisible blanket of prevention that continues inhibiting odor and satain causing bacteria, mold, mildew and fungus afterwards.*

Home Sanitizing

Using an EPA registered hospital disinfectant applied without the need for wiping and rinsing, users of the SmartTouch Sanitizing® Systems are able to eliminate many bacteria and other organisims from indoor areas including homes, schools, offices, restaurants, gyms, buses and most all surfaces. 
Certified for food contact surfaces by the National Sanitation Foundation, our products blanket areas with tiny particles that dry quickly. These tiny particles penetrate all areas, providing complete and effective coverage.

If you employ a cleaning staff and would like to decrease the labor currently employed to provide odor and sanitizing indoor areas, look no further. SmartTouch Sanitizng® Systems is the single source for application equipment solutions that are earth and people friendly.

Is your school, gym, daycare or other facility concerned with staph, MRSA and other harmful bacteria? Our sanitizing system will allow you to sanitize surfaces of these and many other bacteria and viruses faster and easier than with manual hand spray and wipe methods. By increasing the effectiveness of the application, we eliminate cross-contamination problems.

As A Deodorizer

As the SmartTouch Sanitizing® System blankets surfaces, the proprietary formula oxides odors at their source. We DO NOT use masking agents, which allow odors to return after their effectiveness wears off or fragrances, which may contain harmful chemicals. Scents and fragrances contain VOC's, which can be harmful or trigger allergies and asthma. In fact, when compared to standard cleaning procedures alone, our products can reduce indoor allergens by at least 50%.

Keep in mind, the deordorizing process requires surfaces to dry completely in order to achieve maximum effectiveness. Therefore, areas requiring deep deodorizing, such as unsealed basement floors, or products like carpets, carpet padding and other similar materials, may take from 24-48 hours for maximum freshness. Our sanitizing products safely eliminates odors in all indoor areas caused by dog urine, cat urine, smoking and cooking.