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A note from one of our many satisfied customers . . .

"We went back to my parent's house today and I really notice a difference! The house smells a whole lot cleaner. The musty smell in the basement is almost gone. I especially noticed a change when we opened the garage and the front door and when we went in the basement."
"My realtor wanted to know all about you so I gave her your contact information."
"I can't thank you enough."
Susen E.   NJ

About Us

SmartTouch Sanitizing® Systems is NOT a franchise business model.  We offer a variety of equipment and products that will ensure thorough solutions to issues arising from common germs, bacteria and odors. We like to think of ourselves as a single source solution.

If you own a business with an in-house janitorial staff and want to increase efficiency and effectiveness while lowering costs, we have a solution for you.

If you see the need to create a marketable difference in your hotel, gym, health club, arena, stadium or any hospitality-related business, we have a solution for you.

If you are a business and want to provide an add-on service, which incorporates odor elimination and sanitizing, we provide complete packages, which include high-efficient application spray systems, sanitizing and deodorizing products and marketing systems.

SmartTouch Sanitizing® Systems takes the guesswork out of providing safe, eco-friendly solutions to germ control and elimination of pet and cooking odors. 

Here's a note from a recent, satisfied customer:

"We recently moved into an apartment in Philadelphia. As we began to clean we noticed an area in a bedroom where a cat was urinating or possibly where the litter box was kept. We used bleach and some other cleaning products to clean the area and nothing really worked.

We hired a SmartTouch® Application Specialist and had our entire apartment treated for the cat urine odors as well as germs.

At first we were a bit concerned because the odor got stronger, but the SmartTouch® contractor assured us that this is normal and part of the process. Each day the odors were less obvious and by day three the strong, putrid cat urine odors were completely gone.

Better yet, we were confident that the entire apartment was sanitized, fresh and as SmartTouch® says, "cleaner than meets the eye" and without harmful chemicals."

Steven D.  
Environmental Engineer
Philadelphia, PA
May 2011

Call us with your questions or problems and challenge us to provide a solution that makes sense.

SmartTouch Sanitizng® Systems is "Cleaner than Meets the Eye".

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