Whether you are a traveler, gym member, student, business or home owner there will be times when you'll be challanged with an issue that requires some type of sanitizng, deodorizing or even bed bug control or elimination.

Keeping surfaces clean and sanitizing them frequently is the only way to be sure that indoor areas are safe from diseases transmited by everyday contact. Super bugs such as MRSA and Staph are now finding their way into our schools, homes and gyms. Finding safe, eco friendly solutions to issues are not always easy. Smart Touch Sanitizng Systems is a single source to many of todays indoor environmental issues.

The links on the left highlight some of the important uses of SmartTouch Sanitizing System.   Click on any of the links to view specific application pages. They include: 


   - Living Spaces
   - Basements
   - Garage and Attics
   - Pet beds and cages 

Athletic Facilities

    - Health Clubs, Fitness Gyms, Spas
    - School Gyms, Wrestling Mats, Locker Rooms
    - Country Club and Racquetball Clubs
    - Martial Arts Equipment and Mats

Education - 

  - Daycares and Preschool
  - Public Schools, Grades K - 12
  - Private Schools, Universities, Colleges


Animal Care and Pets

   - Animal Rescue Facilities
   - Veterinarians
   - Pet Beds, Dog Runs and Cages


EMT Vehicles
  - Jail Cells
  - Police Vehicles

Health Care

 - Doctor and Clinic waiting rooms
 - EMT Vehicles


- Hotels and Motels
- Bed Bug prevention