A note from one of our many satisfied customers . . .

"We went back to my parent's house today and I really notice a difference! The house smells a whole lot cleaner. The musty smell in the basement is almost gone. I especially noticed a change when we opened the garage and the front door and when we went in the basement."
"My realtor wanted to know all about you so I gave her your contact information."
"I can't thank you enough."
Susen E.   NJ

Purchasing or Selling a House or Business and Need to Sanitize or Remove Odors?

Real Estate Transactions

Whether you are purchasing or selling a residential or commercial property, many times there are signs of mold, unsanitary conditions or odors that you need to remove from the property.  There is no better way to do this than to use the SmartTouch Sanitizing® System to eliminate these health hazards. It is not enough to clean. You need to sanitize. 

By simply wiping down surfaces and using spray can products, you are not able to reach the many places germs and odors hide. The SmartTouch Sanitizing® System is capable of reaching those hard-to-get-to spaces.


To accomplish that task effectively and economically, you need to use a Certified SmartTouch Sanitizing® System Technician from our list of available service companies.  Click here to find one in your area.

The SmartTouch Sanitizing® System utilizes a technologically advanced process to sanitize and deodorize indoor areas without the need for toxic chemicals, fragrances or services, which require manual wiping and rinsing. In a fraction of the time needed by other sanitation systems, our SmartTouch Sanitizing® System can sanitize against a multitude of germs, allergens, odors and indoor contaminants in all areas of residential or commerical property.